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Land for Sale, Matanzas, VI Region

Beautiful land for sale in one of the most attractive sea-side locations of Chile's VI Region - Matanzas. Slowly becoming internationally known for its natural beauty, peaceful beaches, and surf.

The Land:

5 hectares/aprox. 12.5 acres.

With access to power and water, with some hills and some flatland. Ideal for farming, 

tourism, or as a holiday retreat.



Lagunillas de Matanzas, close to Pichilemu, within the VI Region.

A location which is becoming well-known and very sought-after due to its beauty,

natural surroundings, and tranquil beaches with perfect surf.

It is an area where vegetables are grown, particularly potatoes - also ideal for forestry.

The property is only a few minutes away from Matanzas Pupuya, and Navidad, and

only three hours away from Santiago.


Price: US$248,000 (CLP$125.000.000)

Location: Laguniallas de Matanzas, VI Region
Size: 5 hectares/aprox. 12.5 acres
Real Estate Agent Fees: 2% of final purchase price.

Lagunillas de Matanzas, Chile

Lagunillas de Matanzas, Chile

Lagunillas de Matanzas

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